20 Annoying Things People Do

We all know that part of human nature is to experience a variety of emotions.  One of these emotions is to be annoyed. I don’t care who you are or how much of a saint you are, there is always something that will make you cringe. Of course there are different levels but below is a list compiled of some of my personal favorites.  And by favorites I mean stop…just please stop.

1.      Know-it-alls/people who try to one up everything you say.  *Eye roll*

2.     People who always cancel on you.

3.     People who stand too close to you while talking. Take 10 steps back. If I can smell your breath, you’re too close.

4.     People who go places (work, school, church etc.) while they are sick and definitely contagious.  Somebody help! Where’s my mask?

5.     People who constantly post political junk and/or send game requests on Facebook.

6.     People who stand over your shoulder and read what you’re reading/writing.

7.     People who talk about themselves the whole conversation.  Gee, I’m doing great, thanks for asking.

8.     People who say irregardless.  Yeah, that’s not a word

9.     People who walk their dog and let them take a poop in your yard AND leave it.  I’ll be sure to return the favor. 

10.  People who always talk about discrimination and freedom of speech and then when you say something that is different than what they believe, they bash you...haha oh I'm sorry I didn't realize that principle only applied when it's something you agree with.

11.  When someone says the same thing as you 5 minutes later and THEN everyone thinks it's witty and funny.

12.  People who take up two parking spaces in a crowded parking lot. 

13.  People who drive side by side in front of you and you can't pass them. 

14.  People who don’t wash their hands (or only wash them for two seconds).  I’ll pass on the handshakes and high fives.

15.   People who touch food after not washing their hands. *Barf*

16.  People who don’t cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze.  Wowzers, did it just rain in here?

17.  People who think asking, “do you want kids” or “are you trying to get pregnant?” is a conversation starter. It’s like what do you want me to say, “Here let me grab my calendar and let you know the details.” Um awkward.           

18.  Car salesmen who will say anything just to get you to buy a car. I get that’s how you make your money but don’t lie to me.

19.  When old acquaintances contact you out of the blue to tell you about an awesome product they are selling. 

20.  People who compliment purely so you'll do something for them.

 These are only some of the annoyances in the world (at least ones that bother me) but no matter how annoying we think these pet peeves are, chances are you do something that irritates someone else… So next time you find yourself annoyed, try to laugh it off and call it even. 

What are your pet peeves?